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Pulverizer (Single Mill)         
      Pulverizer (Single Mill )
  Naroto is pleased to introduce newly designed high efficiency k-10 series pulverisers. The range of pulveriser is available from 30 kgs/hr to 500 kgs/hr. For different application, where ever a powder product is required.
  Typical applications of npu/k-10 pulverisers are the grinding varieties of these granulated materials including high and low density plastics like:
Ldpe (16 ma 400 ipcl grade for textile and wire coating),
Lldpe, hdpe (26500 reliance grade for master batch)
Lldpe (36ra 0345 ipcl grade)
Rpvc, pc, abs, eva,ps, etc.
NAROTO-PU-030 2.0x1.3x3.0
NAROTO-PU-040 2.0x1.3x3.0
NAROTO-PU-060  2.2x1.4x3.1
NAROTO-PU-080  2.2x1.4x3.1
NAROTO-PU-100  2.4x1.6x4.0
NAROTO-PU-120  2.4x1.6x4.0
NAROTO-PU-150  2.4x1.6x4.0
NAROTO-PU-200  3.7x1.9x4.6
NAROTO-PU-300  3.7x1.9x5.0
NAROTO-PU-400  5.4x1.9x5.0
Disc & mill body:
  The disc is made from graded material tested quality and dynamically balanced for smooth running. Inspection windows (2 nos.) Are provided on both side of mill body for visually checking the disk gap and assist the gap setting. Several options are available to simplify the cleaning process. Long service life of the discs between Resharpening.
  For mill body, bearing housing and mill door for better result.
Bearing housing:
  Bearing housing water cooled.
Metal detector:
  High efficiency hopper magnet provided with the m/c. To detect the metallic inclusion parts from the polymer. Optionally, metal detector sensor will be provided on request.
  Feeding hopper showing low level indicator. Auto tripping system available in case of overload feeding. Main motor ampere and feeding device synchronised to avoid tripping of motor due to over feed
Servo feeder
  Positive controlled feeding of polymer resin to the milling zone is available on request. Instead of vibro feeder
Pulverisers INDIA Cyclone:
  Our cyclonic system is well designed for easy cleaning. With bag filter (on request) arrangement.
Hopper loader:
  Pneumatic hopper loader will be provided on request.
  Uniform particle size for better distribution Optimum material distribution Homogeneous material in case of coloured powders. Low energy consumption and high throughput. Powder temperature monitoring device (on request).